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Crop science

We are tremendously excited to be working in Crop Science right now. Humankind needs this discipline more than ever and we are living through a period of game changing advances delivering solutions to the challenges of production and sustainability.

the facts

Why is Crop Science important?

Virtually all staple foods come either directly or indirectly from plants

Plants and other photosynthetic organisms are at the base of most food chains

In the challenge to feed the world, crop science is the foundation stone

Why is Crop Science needed right now?

There is strong political pressure on farmers around the world to:


Reduce waste

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Deliver more with less

look after the soil


Increase production to feed a growing population

Make every hectare count


Adapt to climate change

Avoid polluting the ecosystem


Sequester carbon dioxide

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What are Crop Scientists delivering?

Many game changing advances in areas like:

  • Genomics of crop plants, weeds, pests & diseases
  • Techniques for genetic manipulation & rapid crop breeding
  • Plant phenotyping
  • Photobiology
  • Metabolism & metabolomics
  • The plant ecosystem
  • The soil microbiome
  • Fungal and algal biology
  • Interfaces between plant science and other disciplines such as robotics, data analytics, soil science etc.

How does this help farmers?

Valuable new solutions are arriving

  • New varieties which are more robust, survive challenging conditions, tolerate pests & diseases better, yield more and produce better quality
  • New bio-stimulant treatments
  • Biological control agents
  • Novel crop protection methods
  • Agents to boost the soil microbiome & also sequester carbon
  • High biomass crops for carbon sequestration
  • Using plants to produce proteins for clean meats
  • Using plants as pharmaceutical factories
  • Plant-based materials